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Hello my name is Zoë. I am a fun creative person with a passion for photography and graphic design. Photography runs in the fmaily and has always been part of my life; constantly learning and developping this skill today I use this hobby to help promote buisnesses and events (private or public) in the south west of France. But everynow and then I still grab my camera and take some pictures of the local scenery and anywhere I visit on my travels. Having always been a creative person and a fan of colors, I developed an interest in graphic design during my university studies - to be more specific it was the marketing course that did it. Creating fresh new brand logos, brochures, flyers and marketing material I learnt the importance of visual identity and marketing stratagies. When I finished my studies I already had a few graphic design projects in my portfolio thanks to the internships and courses that I had completed, ever since that day I have been designing for small buisnesses weather it be integrating their new logo into their publicity and administrative material or flyers for local events. I am even taking this a step further and I am currently learning HTML web design - this website is my very first project and a constant work in progress as I develop this skill. Please feel free to look around my website, you will find selections of my portfolios in both photography and graphic design and do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information concerning my services.